Overview of the main manufacturers of baby strollers.

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    Pram - a device for transporting children. Position of the child in the stroller (sitting or lying down) depends on its type.

    Baby strollers Inglesina Vittoria

    In the late 18th century in Great Britain by William Duke of Devonshire asked Kent - artist, architect and landscape designer - to create a stroller for their children. In 1733, the order was executed. From classic stroller in our understanding of the product Kent differed greatly.

    It was very nicely decorated with a small copy of the adult carts move which had a small pony or donkey. The child in the wheelchair could only sit. Stroller quickly came into vogue. Already by 1840 these strollers sold in the shops and stores of baby goods.

    Even Queen Victoria got to walk with his heirs three. Some models even abandoned donkeys, providing an opportunity to pull the carriage nannies or parents. There are three-wheeled versions. Later appeared stroller-bassinet, which can be prone to shirk very young children.

    Prams Geoby

    And in 1889, William Richardson patented the idea of ​​the first carriage, in which seat position can be changed by making it as face to parents and vice versa. The inventor also replaced rigidly connected to the wheel axle independent, dramatically increasing mobility wheelchairs.
    Pram in India, 1902

    Since the beginning of the 20th century was born pram industry. Strollers have become cheaper and more accessible. There was a lot of models, which used large wheels, hoods, brakes, various forms of cradles. By mid-century there was a problem - a bulky stroller was inconvenient to transport to travel.

    Because invented lightweight aluminum frame and a system of folding chairs. Over time, children's industry has adapted all the modern technological advances, making the stroller very light, compact and easy to use.

    Baby Stroller Chicco Living

    Classification prams.

    Strollers can be divided into two great classes - strollers for babies and strollers.

    The first is a stroller-bassinet for the youngest children. They baby more time is lying, and a safe haven from the dangers of the outside world - cold, excessive heat, direct sunlight, drafts and insects.

    Strollers - for older children. They moved the children sitting, but many models offer reclining backrest down to almost horizontal position for your child to sleep in a comfortable position. A passenger carriages can also protect from the rain, wind and cold - as with capes and hoods, as well as with special insulated covers envelopes.

    There are also several types of strollers that combine and cradles, and "walk". Class carriages transformers, allows for the easy conversion of one carriage to another.

    Prams CAM Cortina

    Modular universal stroller or wheelchair "two (three) in one" is a frame from the chassis, installed the required modules. In addition to a full cage (not lightweight, as is the case transformer) and "walks" on a stroller through adapters you can install a car seat.

    Another classification strollers - the method of folding. The lightest and most compact - strollers, "stick." They are perfect for travel and journeys with the child when the child is often required to take up and fold stroller. Slightly more massive strollers, folding "book."

    As a rule, this is the device "two in one" or transformers. Their low weight through the use of lightweight materials, but when folded they take up little more space.



    Baby strollers Inglesina Classica
    Inglesina Classica

    Baby Stroller Peg-Perego Si
    Peg-Perego Si

    Prams Geoby C601-H
    Geoby C601-H

    Prams CAM Cortina Evolution X3 Tris
    CAM Cortina Evolution

    Prams Adamex Royal
    Adamex Royal

    Prams Tako Jumper X
    Tako Jumper X

    Baby Stroller Chicco Simplicity
    Chicco Simplicity

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